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Rock Cod Fish: The Most Popular Catch for California Anglers

With its vibrant red scales and distinct bulbous eyes, the rock cod fish or rockfish is one of the most popular catches for California anglers. There are over 100 different subspecies of rockfish, and you can find 56 of those rock cod fish subspecies in Southern California fishing grounds. This fish is lean and has a mild flavor, making it a favorite catch of many anglers and hobby fisherman. Catching a rock cod fish can be challenging, but no guts no glory as they say.

Where is the best place to catch a rock cod fish?

Rockfish tend to congregate in deep coastal waters of about 9800 feet deep. As their namesake indicates, rock cod fish prefer waters with ample rock outcrops. Morro Bay in California is teeming with rockfish and is an ideal place for catching these tasty critters.

What’s the best way to catch a rock cod fish?

The state of California allows you to use up to two hooks per line. While it’s true that catching rock cod fish is a challenge, there is one basic but very effective way to create the ideal rigging for rock cod fishing. This rigging is called a Double Drooper Loop.

To create the Double Drooper Loop, you’ll want to use a pole that’s rated anywhere between the twenty to fifty-pound range, or fifteen to forty pound range. You’ll need a twenty-five to thirty-pound monofilament for the line. As far as the hooks go, you’ll want two, circle hooks in the 2/0 or 4/0 range for the best results. Torpedo-style sinkers or lead weights in the six to twelve-ounce range are ideal for making a Double Drooper Loop.

What do you do once the rigging is tied?

The most important step is to insert the loop through the point-side of the hole on the hook. Insert the loop through one eye of the torpedo sinker on the bottom loop. Then, loop it over the sinker.

Next, attach the bait. A strip of squid, anchovies, or sardines is ideal for catching a rock cod fish. Attach a piece of your bait to each hook. You want to make sure that the bait is attached at the end of the hook so that it will flap around in the current and attract a rock cod fish. The more natural the bait looks at the end of the line, the more likely you’ll be to get a bite.

What do you do once a rock cod fish bites the line?

If you’re using circle hooks, which are ideal for a Double Drooper Loop, you don’t want to set the hook when you get a bite. Once the fish bites, wind up. When you’ve hooked a fish, don’t pump the line, either. Instead, lift it and wind down. If you pump the line, you risk losing the fish. When it comes to catching a rock cod fish, you need to be patient. It’s vital that you use a slow, steady wind.

Don’t want to rig a line yourself? You’re in luck. There are many pre-made rigs you can buy specifically for rock cod fishing in Morro Bay. The best pre-made rigging is a braided line for the reel. You simply tie a swivel to the braid and then tie the monofilament line. Using a braided line is perfect for deep water fishing because a braided line enables you to feel positive hookups in deep water.

The next time you want to try your hand at catching a tasty rock cod fish, keep these tips in mind for rigging the ideal line. You’re guaranteed to catch a prize rock cod fish in Morro Bay.