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If you’re a beginner to the exciting world of deep-sea fishing, you’ve probably heard all about how unforgettable an experience it is from anyone you know who has taken a trip out where the water gets deep blue and the fish are huge. But there are tips and tricks that can help you be better prepared for the experience, and help you to enjoy it more. Here’s a few things we’ve learned about how beginners can enjoy their first deep-sea fishing trip.

Tag along with an expert

Deep-sea fishing is exciting, challenging and exhilarating: but that means that it also has many details you need to be aware of. Mistakes can be costly, which is why, if you can, you should head out with an experienced deep-sea angler. You might find it’s best if you go as part of a mixed group that has beginners as well as experienced fishermen, so you can learn from the best while sharing the learning experience with others like you.

Learn to tie the right fishing knots

This is a skill that’s often overlooked, but anyone with experience at sea will tell you that knowing how to tie knots isn’t only helpful for deep-sea fishing. When you’re learning to fish, take some time before you head out to learn about knots: get some string or the kind of fishing line you’ll be using, and look up a few videos on how to tie the kind of knots you’ll need. When you’re deep-sea fishing, the right knots can help you tie lines to hooks of different sizes, join two sections of line together, form a loop for the catch at the end of your line, and attach monofilaments to a hook.

Develop the art of patience

Deep-sea fishing videos might only show you the big catch – and if they do, what they’re not telling you is the long periods of waiting between throwing in the line and making the big catches. A big fish might not take the bait so easily, and it can take a long time before you catch your first fish – so patience is a skill that you’ll need to take with you on the big fishing trip. Don’t give up, and keep going, because when you do get a bite, you’ll want to be ready.

Keep an open mind

If you’re only expecting to catch one type of fish, you might need to remember that there’s a whole ocean out there. Do some reading and look up what kind of fish are likely to be around the place you’re heading out to at the time of day your trip is scheduled for. Look out for other sea creatures, and don’t forget to keep an eye open for exotic sea birds – you might be surprised what you spot on your first deep-sea fishing trip.

Beyond this, make sure you pack any medications you need, particularly if you’re not sure you’ll get seasick: there’s nothing worse than losing a day’s fishing to feeling queasy. And remember always that you’re there to have a good time: breath in the air, enjoy the sea, keep your eyes open, and look forward to your dinner at the end of the day: you will have earned it!